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Front and Rear Control Arm Mounts for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep #UA2020

Part 7: The weekend was productive still.

Verne SimonsAuthor, Photography

In our part 6 update we showed you how we cut and redid the front framerails on the Jeep frame so we could keep the front axle at a low full-bump without having to space the axle down. New front framerails allow the steering box to sit higher, moving the Pitman arm and drag link up high enough to not share space with the tie rod. This also allowed us to push the front axle forward 1.5 to 2 inches.

Control Arm Mounts Up Front

With the new front framerails done, we could move on to solidifying the front control arm frame mounts and mount up the Skyjacker Suspension JK long-arm suspension control arms front and rear. We picked the JK long-arms because we knew they would fit the axles (the suspension arms and axle brackets are designed for a Jeep JK), and we knew we could make them fit our stretched TJ frame with a little work. The frame end of the lower front control arms will mount using some simple angle cut control arm brackets, and the uppers we will reattach to the frame just behind the factory upper control arm mount area using some steel tube to sleeve the frame. From there we used some pieces of a pair of upper control arm brackets so the frame ends of the upper front control arms will be in double shear.

Rear Control Arm Mounts

Placing the frame side mounts of the rear upper and lower control arms will affect how the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep climbs under acceleration, how it handles during cornering, and how it behaves while braking. For years we've watched Chris Durham drive his rigs up things, making tough obstacles look easy. Truth is, we like copying people when what they do works, but we are also working in a little adjustability if what works for Chris doesn't work for us—or if our copying skills don't end up as true to the real thing as we think they will be.

Again, using Skyjacker upper and lower control arms intended for a Jeep JK with a long-arm conversion will give us a start. Chris usually mounts the frame end of the lower control arm along the side of the frame. We chopped up the Skyjacker-supplied lower control arm bracket meant to bolt to a JK frame so it would work with our lengthened TJ frame. For the upper control arm, we are using a fairly generic control arm mount with three mounting positions. With the frame end of the lower control arm relatively high up and the upper control arm frame end relatively low we get an anti-squat that is higher than we usually aim for, but the adjustability of the upper bracket allows us to raise that upper control arm frame end a touch if we don't love the way all that anti-squat works.


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