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1985 GMC Jimmy - Moonrover

Bringing Horsepower To The Moon, Or Other Equally Inhabitable Wheelin' Spots

David KennedyWriterRick PewePhotographer

Clean, mean, and driven hard enough to chuck both driveshafts in a single bound-you gotta love it! We high-ranged into Ken Contreras '85 GMC Jimmy at Tierra Del Sol this year when he was playing on the dry river banks with some serious Super Duty Fords. The two-tone Jimmy was fresh out of the local Chevy dealer's body shop and the paint barely had enough time to dry before Ken had it out in the dirt again.

It was the roar of the 406ci mouse that attracted our attention to this truck. The swapped-in small-block looks like it's been run through the Summit catalog, and it's backed by a rebuilt TH700R4 that's been beefed with a Corvette Second gear servo, a shift kit, and a 2,500-stall converter.

Ken's attention to detail is evident in this truck, and you can see it in how he routed the exhaust exits out through the quarter-panel so there would be no loss of ground clearance. We were able to snap these photos before Ken got a little throttle happy and pushed the 11/42-ton drivetrain further than it could handle. We're sorry to say that he spit out both the front and rear driveshafts while assaulting a hill (OK, it was more of a cliff really), when all four yokes actually grenaded. But hey, isn't eating drivetrain parts what having a healthy engine is all about?