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Jeep 4x4 Foulup - Whoops!

4x4 Foulup

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,Who says Jeeps have a tendency to roll over?!Jim SpinnerColumbia, MO

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,On my way down the hill from a day of wheeling in the snow, I hit a patch of black ice. As you can see, I was unable to avoid hitting the rock. It took 10 hours, three winches, several friends, and some serious head scratching, but the following day my truck was on all fours.Scott LewisConcord, CA

Dear 4-Wheel & Off-Road,We were wheeling in Wisconsin at the Pipeline, where I have driven numerous times. This time I misjudged where my front tire was and rolled my Jeep into the washout. Three winches and 90 minutes later, my Jeep was out. Just wanted to say thanks to Damage Inc. who helped me recover my truck.Jim GoeldnerMilwaukee, W