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March 2010 Whoops!

Mess Of The Month

Chain Reaction
My wife got the quad stuck, so I went to pull her out with my truck and got it stuck as well. To top things off, my wife got stuck herself trying to get off the quad! We had to call the fire department to get my wife out, and I still ended up shelling out 420 bucks to get everything else unstuck!
Tony Kitchen
via 4wheeloffroad.com

Lake Locked
This was the start of a very wet and muddy weekend wheeling trip at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. It took another Jeep and a Samurai with a winch to pull the Jeep out.
Steven Matison
via 4wheeloffroad.com

Rubber Dunker
We were out at the La Grange OHV Park when we found this 4-foot-deep mud hole and tried to power through it. The obstacle quickly sucked my CJ on 36-inch Iroks to the bottom. Luckily we were able to winch out, and the ol' rust bucket fired right up, and down the trail we went.
Eddie Freitas
via 4wheeloffroad.com

Submission Information
Send us your wheeling foul-ups! Letters must be signed by the vehicle's owner. Due to the large volume of mail we receive, we regret that not all submissions can be used and none will be returned. Digital photos must measure at least 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (or two megapixels) and be saved as a TIFF, an EPS, or a maximum-quality JPEG file. Write to: Whoops!, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, fax 323.782.2704, Email to: whoops@4wheeloffroad.com