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Vintage Edition - Sideways

Classic Jeeps

Christian HazelWriterReadersPhotographer

Jeep Union
This was taken on Labor Day of 1972. It appears that the Jeep pulling the float is a CJ-7—year uncertain. (Editor’s note: looks like a ’72 CJ-5 with the 304 V-8.) Our Union Hall is closing down at the end of August, so the current officers had a final “going away party” on June 4. They emptied out the file cabinets and let us take all of the old file photographs that we wanted. It is Local 1974 IBEW, Omaha, Nebraska. I think the CJ looks awesome! In the back seat is Mike Quinlan, President and Whitey Clark, Vice President. Front seat passenger is Executive Officer, Jack Traen, and the driver is Executive Board President, Bob Alberts. The Jeep belonged to Bob Alberts. The woman on the float is Kathy Bro.
Dan Lindblad
Omaha, NE

Jeep Bonds
I recently celebrated a 60th birthday with my friend, Phil. We both attended elementary and high school together and have remained friends to this day. His father was a military collector who grew up with Jeeps: an M-38 and an M38A1. Soon after Phil got his driver’s license, the M-38 became our transportation around town. We did everything with that vehicle, imitated Rat Patrol, and drove that Jeep on every imaginable surface there was. I got it stuck in a creek bed and Phil’s father brought the M38A1 to the rescue. Embarrassed but happy to be rescued, Phil’s father gave me further instruction on the spot and I eventually became a more competent four-wheeler. This picture is four scoundrels in 1964 in the M-38. Phil is the driver, Jimmy is on his right, and I’m behind Phil with another friend to my right. We would try to sneak home with the blackout light on, but let’s face it, Jeeps aren’t quiet.
Paul Greenberg
Via email

Horn Rims and Fins
Julius Tucker recently passed away after turning 100 years old this past August. This Jeep took many a deer hunter into the woods in Michigan’s northern Upper Peninsula. This picture is probably from the late ’50s, judging by the car (Editor’s note: sweet ’57 Chevy!) that the Jeep is blazing a trail for. Check out the homemade dualies on both axles!
Via email

Got an old dusty memento of Jeep culture from the past, snapshots of granny and grandpa picnicking in the shade of their CJ-2A, or a relative in uniform with their trusty gas-horse? Scan ’em and send ’em to Sideways, Vintage Edition, christian.hazel@jpmagazine.com, and we’ll be proud to share ’em.