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Vintage Edition - Sideways

Classic Jeeps Working

Whether you’ve got some cool vintage photos of Jeeps or jeeps, Jeep Chix, or just a gnarly stuck or flop, we’d like to see them. We need a high-resolution image (1,200 by 1,600 pixels, minimum) and email ’em to pete.trasborg@jpmagazine.com.

World Traveler
Photo 1 shows an unknown Marine of Company B, 1st Tractor Battalion posing with a well-used flatfender in Pohang, Korea, circa 1952. Photo 2 shows me in August 1952 in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I am on duty as sergeant-of-arms, but the photographer is unknown. By October 1953 (Photo 3), B Company, 1st Tractor Battalion was on a training rotation to Vieques, Puerto Rico. This photo was taken in the late summer or fall.
Richard J. Lippincott, Jr.
Via email

Mobile PA
Here Joseph G. Ryan, Jr. was captured on the vellum at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia towards the end of WWII. This was between tours in the Pacific theatre and before shipping to Korea. We aren’t sure what is going on with the huge megaphones on the jeep, but it appears to be some kind of mobile PA system.
Mathhew W. Ryan
Emporium, PA