Random Jeep Edition - Sideways

    Jeep J-Truck, Jeeps at Six Flags, Jeep Girls and a Toyota Hilux?

    Packers? I Don’t Even Know Her
    My wife Charlotte “Hammer” Hines is a diehard Packers fan and shareholder and wanted me to build her a Packers truck. I just happened to have a couple of J-10 FSJs in the backyard and put this together for her. It’s a ‘78 (kinda) J-10 FSJ with a 4-inch lift kit from BJ’s, a Dana 44 front with 4:56 gears and a Detroit Tru-Trac, and a rear GM 12-bolt with 4:56 gears and a Detroit Locker. Propulsion is from a slightly built Chevy 350 mated to with Turbo 400 with shift kit and Star-Shifter from B&M. The transfer case is NP208, and the tires are 38x15.50R15 Mickey Thompson MTZs. It was built at Naval Air Station Auto Hobby Shop in Lemoore, California.
    Michael “Maddog” Hines
    Via email

    Zombie Jeeps
    Jp- reader Dan Grody sent us this photo from his vacation trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California. He went to say adieu to the wooden roller coaster Colossus and meet its semi-replacement, the wooden roller coaster called Apocalypse. The bad news: Spine-snapping wooden roller coasters will be our only exit route from end-of-world zombies. The good news: Jeeps will be our only exit route from spine-snapping wooden roller coasters. Dan said a few ratty Jeeps were positioned around the coaster to the set the bummer mood. End of the world looks pretty cool to us, then.

    Give Us the Diesel Pickup Already, Jeep
    Jp Staffer Ali Mansour was on a photo shoot and came across a handful of diesel Toyota pickups with U.S. military plates. “I believe they were doing training exercises for the type of vehicles they might be driving overseas. I know, it’s not a Jeep, but it’s hard not to get excited about a mid-sized diesel pickup.”

    Jeep Chick Katie
    You seem to like things our very own Jeep Chick Katie does, especially when it’s stuff involving high heels and a Jeep. So, why not go to her Facebook page (facebook.com/CatchingUpwithKatie) and get a constant fix? Plus, the girl can work on her own Jeeps (she has three). Here, she’s dealing with an inner-axle seal replacement. It was her first time doing that deed, and her complaint was that the seal wouldn’t come out or go back in. Any DIY tips for her?

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