2002 Jeep TJ Stuck In The Drink - Whoops!

    Submerged Road

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    Jeep Strong
    Ed. note: Cody Armstrong’s 2002 TJ has a vanity plate that reads “ARMWEAK.” Regardless, it lives strong in Canada, even when the road is submerged or a rock jumps out in the trail.
    Cody Armstrong
    New Brunswick, Canada
    Via whoops@4wheeloffroad

    The Longcut
    When you check the little box that says Power Wagon, you feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof! A call to an ex-girlfriend, her dad with a 4020 John Deere, and a couple dead presidents later I was on high ground. I don’t even like mud; I prefer rocks! My shortcut wasn’t so short.
    Nathan Woetzel
    Via whoops@4wheeloffroad.com

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