Whoops! Stuck Grand Wagoneer and Rubicon

    Flat Rolls & A Lack of Clearance

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    Wedged Waggy
    Laid my 1989 Grand Waggy over on the flattest part of the trail. Got it pulled back on its wheels. Let the oil drain back into the pan, fired it up, and drove it home. Gotta love old iron.
    Taylor Holcomb
    Via whoops@4wheeloffroad.com

    Rifleman on the Rocks Here is my 2005 Rubicon Unlimited. Was following a buddy in a buggy on 21 Road in Grand Junction, Colorado. I didn’t quite have the clearance and stance that he had. Whoops! I am running a 6-inch lift with only 35-inch tires. Time for an upgrade.
    Dave Crownover
    Rifle, CO