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Whoops! Antique Beef


Christian HazelWriterReadersPhotographer

This H3 has several years of hardcore use under its splines, including UA 2017 and a couple trails of UA 2018. No wonder that returning reader Chris Paul started feeling a vibration and hearing strange noises coming from the Eaton HO72 rear axle. When the Ultimate Adventure group pulled into the parking lot of the Attitash Mountain Resort, instead of riding the Alpine slide Chris busted out the tools. It turns out the factory coarse-spline axleshaft had a really neat corkscrew and some twisted splines—probably from Chris’ new “hammer down” East Coast driving style he adopted during Day 1 of UA 2018. Like all good off-roaders, Chris had a spare ’shaft and was repaired and ready to go before the last rider was down off the mountain.

Christian Hazel
Editor, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road