Whoops! Fatal A-Traction Bar


    Harry WagnerWriterReadersPhotographer

    Traction bars are essential with a spring-over suspension with soft leaf springs, big tires, and a high-horsepower engine. Ian Johnson’s YJ Shop Truck meets all of these criteria, so he built a traction bar for the Jeep to keep the springs from wrapping, which can damage the leaf springs, dramatically change the pinion angle, and even break drivelines. The traction bar has to withstand huge forces. Halfway through the 2018 Ultimate Adventure, Johnson’s traction bar let loose at the axle end. Putting the Jeep on a trailer was not an option thanks to the UA’s “no trailers” rule, but fortunately, Chris Durham leapt into action with his Premier Power Welder to stitch up the broken traction bar mount. The Premier Power Welder is a completely self-contained welder, 110V inverter, and battery charger that fits right under the hood. Durham always carries his hood and an assortment of welding wire, so the rest was easy.