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Whoops! Tommy Strikes Again


It seemed innocent enough when longtime Ultimate Adventure crony Tom Boyd offered to move Keith Bailey’s Bruiser buggy up the trail at Jericho Mountain State Park in New Hampshire during UA 2018. Tommy had been riding with Keith all week, and Keith was up the trail spotting people through the Split Rock obstacle. Everything was going just fine, until Tommy came down hard on a rock and the fire went out in the 5.7L Hemi engine. Some quick troubleshooting revealed that the fuel pump wasn’t coming on, so Keith started diagnosing what the cause was. It turned out that a relay under the hood had failed during the impact. Keith carries a spare with him since they are inexpensive and hardly take up any room. After swapping the relay he was back up and running without even getting his hands dirty, and Tom was back in the passenger seat for the rest of the day.