Whoops! Sunny-Side Down


    The paint had barely dried on Corby Phillip’s Golden Eagle tribute LJ before he departed for the 4-Wheel & Off-Road Ultimate Adventure. The Jeep ate a radiator on the first day, but Corby and Fred Perry got that fixed quickly and were back on the trail without missing a beat. Everything was going fine until Day 6 at Northeast Off-Road Adventures facility in Ellenville, New York. Corby was towards the back of the pack and patiently waiting his turn to climb a steep, slippery ledge that required wheel speed and momentum. When it was his turn on the ledge, he wasn’t quite lined up square, and when he hit the ledge, it spun the front of the Jeep around and sent him and Fred onto the roof. Corby was even on Facebook Live when the rollover occurred! Fortunately, the only damage was cosmetic and no one was hurt. Corby kicked out the windshield and continued on to Pennsylvania, where he got a replacement windshield frame and glass from Craig Jaros of Quadratec and drove the Jeep back to South Carolina.