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Whoops! What Could Go Wrong?


When we got a call from a friend looking for a quick tug to get a Jeep Patriot unstuck, we didn't think much of it. How much trouble could you get in with a Patriot anyway? The owner of the Jeep was out doing some mineral exploration in the dark. He headed down what he thought was a road, but the levee he was on got narrower and narrower until the Patriot was in jeopardy of sliding off the side.

The issue was getting to the stuck Jeep with anything larger than it was. We used our Toyota pickup and a host of recovery gear, including our Warn winch and a snatch block, Maxtrax recovery devices, and a Bubba Rope looped through the passenger compartment to stabilize the Jeep as we pulled it backwards. The whole recovery ended up taking hours, but the Patriot eventually made it out unscathed.