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Whoops! Are You Missing Something?

Pardon Me, Are You Missing Something?

Imagine our surprise when the staff of Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road was in eastern California testing new trucks and we stumbled upon Neil Calder in his Toyota Tacoma. We were miles from civilization and it was the middle of week, so normally we don't encounter anyone in this area. Neil had lost his camper while trying to crest a steep hill, leaving it in the middle of the trail. Loading it back into his truck would take an army, but luckily Neil found one. We were able to turn the camper so it was facing downhill, and then we stacked rocks under it to make it even with the bed of the truck. Verne Simons backed the Tacoma up the hill, and we positioned the camper back in the bed. The hooks on the turnbuckles had bent so ratchet straps were used to secure the camper back in the bed of the truck. We followed Neil back to pavement to make certain he made it safely, but he left us in the dust! The speed he was traveling at may have something to do with the camper and the truck parting ways in the first place.