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Sometimes Wheeling Alone Means a Long Walk Home


Hello From the Other Side
Dante Owens was just looking to take his Tundra out for a spin down some dirt roads, one of the advantages to living in Reno, where there is an abundance of open space in every direction. He didn't have any plans to do hardcore four-wheeling in his stock Tundra, so he didn't bring any recovery gear and went alone. Dante does this all the time, and normally it isn't a problem. Normally. This time though, when he drove across a sheet of ice, it broke, sending his truck to the bottom of a mud hole with no way to drive out. Fortunately, Dante had cell service and was able to call for help. The next day we came back with our big green Ford and a 20-foot Big Bubba kinetic recovery strap. Driving the heavy Ford into the puddle broke up the ice, and the Bubba Rope did the rest. Fortunately the water wasn't deep enough to get inside the Tundra. No harm, no foul.